Mekong Delta Travel. When coming to Vietnam, the West is always an ideal destination with the calming beauty and tranquility of fruit-laden orchards, endless fields, ...Currently, the West is known for the image of deep green rivers, an open space, clear water stations, rows of green trees, and luxuriant fruit gardens. Western tourism is the choice of many people. The western part of the river has long been a familiar destination whenever people want to escape the dust of the city. It has peaceful natural scenery and gentle people. This is also the address for those who do not have much free time. As a province located in the Mekong Delta region but Bac Lieu is a destination that is less noticed by tourists, many people know about Bac Lieu mainly because of the anecdotes surrounding the “Cong Tu Bac Lieu”, but with the fact that it owns the largest wind farm in Vietnam also makes you think about a trip here as soon as possible.

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