Mekong Delta Tour Full Day
Are you ready for the discovery of Hidden Gem – Mekong Delta? Only for one day and route different from other companies, BOMK will make you satisfied and love Mekong Delta than ever. Mekong Delta Tour Full Day.

How to start ?
You just book tour, everything else we will take care. Why do you need to book private Mekong Delta tour? Because this is a water area, you will have difficulty if you do not understand deeply about it. In addition, if you come with the experience guide you can learn more things from this place. The journey will start at 7:30 am and guide we will pick you up at the hotel. Then the coach will depart to Mekong Delta. Coming to BOMK, you will be able to see the interesting scenery through the car window. If you enjoy it and want to take photos, we are always happy to stop the transport so you can capture that wonderful moment.
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